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Heros Lacrosse

Hero's 2018 and 2019 Tournaments

Fall 2018


The Great Pumpkin Shootout -

Saturday, Saturday 13 - Leesburg, VA

Teams:  2028 Green.

The Great Pumpkin Shootout Tournament Website


Prime Time Young Guns - 

Sunday, October 21 -  Bel Air, MD

Teams:  All 2023's, 2024's, 2025's, 2026's, and 2027's. 

Prime Time Young Guns Tournament Website


Fall Premier Showcase-

Saturday, October 27-28  -  Bel Air, MD

Teams:  2020's, 2021G and 2022's. 

Fall Premier Showcase Tournament Website


National Fall Lax Festival  -

Saturday, October 27-28  -  Bel Air, MD

Teams:  2021W, 2023W, 2024's 2025W, 2026W and 2027's.

National Fall Lax Festival Tournament Website


Chesapeake Invitational Tournament -

Satuday, November 3-4  -  Parkton, MD

Teams:  2020's, 2021's, 2022's, 2023G, 2024G and  2025G.

Chesapeake Invitational Tournament Website


Rivalry Challenge -

Saturday, November 3 - Annapolis, MD

Teams:  2023W and 2024W.

Rivalry ChallengeTournament Website


Lax Clash -

Sunday, November 4  -  Bel Air, MD

Teams:  2026 green and 2028 green. 

Lax Clash Tournament Website


Mid-Atlantic Showcase -

Saturday, November 10-11  -  Owings Mills, MD

Teams:  All teams 2020's to 2027's. 

Mid-Atlantic Showcase Tournament Website


Terrapin Fall Classic  -

Saturday, November 17-18  -  Howard County, MD

Teams:  2020W, 2021W, 2022's, 2025's and 2026's.

Terrapin Fall Classic Tournament Website



Summer 2019 Tournaments


Summer Showcase -

Saturday, June 1 - Bel Air, MD

Teams:  2020W, 2022G and 2023W.

Summer Showcase Tournament Website


Independent Club Play Day -

Saturday, June 1-2  -  College Park, MD

Teams:2021W, 2022W, 2023G, 2024's, 2025's, 2026's, 2028G. 

Independent Club Play Day Website


Brine Girls Beach Lax Festival -

Friday June 7-9  -  Ocean City, MD

Teams:  2028 Green. 

Brine Girls Beach Lax Festival Tournament Website

Summer Genesis -

Saturday, June 8-9  -  Hershey, PA

Teams:  All 2020's, 2021's 2022's and 2023's.

Summer Genesis Tournament Website


Summer Classic  -

Saturday, June 8-9  -  Bel Air, MD

Teams:  All 2027's.

Summer Classic Tournament Website


All-American Lacrosse Tournament -

Saturday, June 8-9  -  Downingtown, PA

Teams:  All 2024's, 2025's and 2026's.

All American Lacrosse Tournament Website


Live Love Lax -

Saturday, June 15-16  -  Bel Air, MD

Teams:  All Hero's Teams.  

Live Love Lax Tournament Website


Lax For The Cure -

Friday, June 21-23  -  New Egypt, NJ

Teams:  All 2021's to 2027's.

Lax For The Cure Tournament Website


** Hero's Team Camp **

Week of June 24  -  Forksville, PA

Teams:  All 2023's, 2024's, 2025's, 2026's, 2027's and 2028's.

More details will be released in the spring of 2019.
Camp Maple Lake Sports Camp Website. 


Vail Lacrosse Shootout -

Aprox: June 22-27 - Vail, CO

Teams:  2020 Green and White.

Vail Lacrosse Shootout Tournament Website


Nike G8 Invitational  -

Friday, July 5-7  -  Morristown, NJ

Teams:  2021's, 2022's and 2023's.

G8 Tournament Website.


Capital City Lax Festival -

Saturday, July 6-7  -  Boyds, MD

Teams:  2024W, 2025's, 2026's and  2027's

Capital City Lax Festival Tournament Website


The Mid-Atlantic Summer Club Championships 

Friday, July 12-14  -  Owings Mills, MD

Teams:  2021's, 2022's, 2023's, 2024's, and 2025's. 

The Mid-Atlantic Summer Club Championships Tournament Website



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Individual team tournament schedules will be available on the team's roster pages.





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