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Heros Lacrosse

We are the Hero's Family!!

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For more information or to inquire about the supplemental tryouts for the older teams contact heroslaxers@gmail.com


Why Hero's to Vail is the Best Trip EVER!



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Hero's Announces the 2030 and 2031 team coaches!

2030 Green:
​- Emma Johnson - Head Coach - Former D1 player and 2018 National Champion at JMU
- Chris Corsiglia - Assistant Coach 
2030 White:
- Todd Travis - Head Coach 
- Todd Vizcarrondo - Assistant Coach 

- Amanda Wedekind - Assistant Coach

2031 Green:
​- Kristen Jones - Head Coach - Former D1 player at JMU and assistant with 2028 Green
- Sunny Bhatia - Assistant Coach

- Britt McGinn - Assistant Coach

2031 White:

- Lauren Schaaf - Head Coach


​2031/2032 Developmental Team:
- Sarah McWilliams - 2030 Developmental Director - About the Hero's 2030 Developmental Program.  



Hero’s Tournament Lacrosse Club

Hero’s lacrosse has been recognized as one of the most successful club lacrosse programs in the nation. We believe in hard work and dedication, but above all, we believe in having fun. Our rosters include the finest players from the Baltimore-metropolitan area and our teams are coached by both former and current collegiate players. Hero’s is dedicated to developing top lacrosse players and providing personalized guidance with the collegiate recruitment process.


About Hero’s

HTLC is an outgrowth of Hero’s of Howard County, an organization founded by PJ Kesmodel. Hero’s of Howard County runs a summer lacrosse league for high school aged girls. During the late 1990’s, Hero’s sponsored one or more girls’ Hero’s All-Star teams that played in summer lacrosse tournaments. With the recent explosion in growth of women’s lacrosse, the number of tournaments began to increase, as did their importance in the process of college recruitment. In December of 2001, a group of interested volunteers met with the officers of Hero’s of Howard County and decided to use HTLC as the organization to select and sponsor the Hero’s All-Stars tournament teams. Although HTLC is a separate organization, we retain a close connection with Hero’s of Howard County, as evidenced by PJ’s emeritus status on our board. HTLC is organized as a not-for-profit corporation incorporated in the state of Maryland.