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Hero’s lacrosse has been recognized as one of the most successful club lacrosse programs in the nation. We believe in hard work and dedication, but above all, we believe in having fun. Our rosters include the finest players from the Baltimore-metropolitan area and our teams are coached by both former and current collegiate players. Hero’s is dedicated to developing top lacrosse players and providing personalized guidance with the collegiate recruitment process.

Hero’s Lacrosse evolved from Hero’s, Inc. of Howard County, founded by PJ Kesmodel. The organization ran a summer lacrosse league for high school girls and sponsored All-Star teams in the late 1990s. With the growth of women’s lacrosse, tournaments became crucial for college recruitment. In December 2000, volunteers and Hero’s of Howard County officers chose HTLC (Hero’s Tournament Lacrosse Club) to select and sponsor tournament teams. HTLC, a separate not-for-profit corporation in Maryland, maintains a close connection with Hero’s of Howard County, with Tierney Ahearn running both programs and PJ serving as emeritus on both boards.

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Frequently asked questions

Every player is expected to do their best to attend every tournament, but we understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances.  Fees are not adjusted for missed tournaments.

Your player’s fee covers the event registrations and any referee’s fees, practice fields, indoor time, and camp, plus any other administrative fees.

Registration details will be posted on this site only. The dates, times and locations of tryouts, as well as directions to the sites, are available on the front page of this site. Any changes regarding the dates, times and locations of tryouts will be posted on the Hero's website. HTLC recommends that registrants check the website periodically before tryouts to determine if the tryout details have changed.

HTLC accepts on-line registrations only. Go to the Tryouts page of this site to register. There is a $50 tryout fee for the 2028-2035 age groups. This fee covers field space, supplies, and a tryout pinny. There is a $10 fee associated with the 2025-2026 age groups. Club fees will be collected once the teams are selected.

Players must compete within their assigned year of graduation once a team is formed.  No players are permitted to “play up” after the first age group.  For example, this year on the 2034 team, 2035 players are eligible for tryouts.  The club anticipates keeping 3-5 2035 players on each of the 2034 teams.

The factors on which players are evaluated include: speed, athletic ability, strength, stick skills, coachability and game play. If you are ill or injured at the time of tryouts, please contact our organization director:  

Hero’s holds its players to the highest standard. They are expected to always exhibit exemplary behavior. Inappropriate actions by a club athlete at any club or related function may lead to suspension or expulsion. Decisions on suspension or expulsion will be made by the Hero’s Board Members and Hero’s President, in consultation with relevant coaches.

Hero’s holds its families to the highest standard.  They are expected to always exhibit exemplary behavior.  Unacceptable behavior, including inappropriate language or violence by parents, guardians, guests, or siblings of any club player at Club functions, may lead to the player's suspension or expulsion. The decision will be made by the Hero’s Board Members and Hero’s President, in consultation with coaches. A parent or guardian's disciplinary action may also affect the player.

Hero’s is a full-year program, focused on optimizing the potential of young ladies as players and teammates.  Although the expectation is for each player to attend all possible scheduled events, Hero’s does value multi-sport athletes and will work with families as much as possible in fall and winter on a case-by-case basis.  In order to compete at the top level, full commitment is required of all players to attend Hero’s events as a priority in the spring and summer seasons. 

Hero's Lacrosse places a strong emphasis on skill development for youth and middle school players. While recognizing the unique developmental needs of our younger participants, we maintain high expectations for all athletes. High school players are expected to fully commit to our program and teammates, mirroring the dedication required for their high school or college teams. The most successful players at Hero's Lacrosse consistently attend every practice, giving their best effort in both practices and tournaments. Our lacrosse community thrives on mutual drive and challenge, with practice scrimmages often matching the intensity of tournament games.

Hero’s Lacrosse is dedicated to supporting players in their journey towards college commitments. Our coaches and recruiting consultants draw on their wealth of experience in the lacrosse realm to offer insightful advice. We encourage open communication and are always available to address any questions or concerns players may have as they navigate the college recruitment process. Our aim is to empower and guide athletes, leveraging our expertise, as well as our extensive connections with college coaches, to help them make informed decisions and achieve their aspirations at the collegiate level.

Hero’s believes that each team is unique in their approach to success. We refrain from discussing individual playing time or team strategy with parents to maintain a positive team environment. However, players are encouraged to approach us directly for conversations about team roles, performance improvement, or strategies to increase their involvement.

Our practices are held in multiple locations, primarily in the western Howard county area.  Our “home base” is Salandra Farm, located at 14685 Carrs Mill Rd, Woodbine, MD 21797

Hero's Lacrosse keeps a competitive squad ranging of 19-24 players per team..

View our full code of conduct here.

our leadership and coaches

Board of Directors

Alex Pagnotta

Board Director

Kathy Black

Board Diector

​Sarah McWilliams

Board Member

Brent Flynn

Board Member

Fred Kawa

Board Director

Member Emeritus

Joe Provance

Board Member Emeritus

PJ Kesmodel

Board Member Emeritus

Club Directors & Treasurer

Tierney Ahern

Organization Director

Jim Zalucki


2025 Green & White Coaches

Mike Kelleher

2025 Green Head Coach

Ryleigh Carr

2025 White Head Coach

Marissa Lagera

2025 White Assistant Coach

Courtney Renehan

2025 White Assistant Coach

Tierney Ahearn

Recruiting Consultant

2026 Green & White Coaches

Megan Hill

2026 Green Head Coach

Sam Johnson

2026 Green Assistant Coach

Emily Brylske

2026 White Head Coach

Alex Brylske

2026 White Assistant Coach

Alex Pagnotta

Recruiting Consultant

2027 Green & White Coaches

Liz O’Connor

2027 Green Head Coach

Shay Ahearn

2027 Green Assistant Coach

Jay Pasko

2027 Green Assistant Coach

Henry Cha

2027 Green Assistant Coach

Al Angarita

2027 White Head Coach

Danny Berman

2027 White Assistant Coach

Charles Hollander

2027 White Assistant Coach

Tierney Ahearn

Recruiting Consultant

2028 Green & White Coaches

Dani Moran

2028 Green Assistant Coach

Mike Kelleher

2028 Green Head Coach

Ryleigh Carr

2028 White Head Coach

Mark DeBels

2028 White Assistant Coach

Brigid Scanlon

2028 White Assistant Coach

Alex Pagnotta

Recruiting Consultant

2029 Green & White Coaches

Kayla McElhenny

2029 Green Head Coach

Lauren McDonald

2029 Green Assistant Coach

Coach Erik

2029 White Head Coach

Will Gunther

2029 White Assistant Coach

Cheryl McGee

2029 White Assistant Coach

2030 Green & White Coaches

Emma Johnson

2030 Green Head Coach

Chris Corsiglia

2030 Green Assistant Coach

Emily Altshuler

2030 Green Assistant Coach

Todd Travis

2030 White Head Coach

Todd Vizcarrondo

2030 White Assistant Coach

2031 Green & White Coaches

Kristen Jones

2031 Green Head Coach

Sunny Bhatia

2031 Green Assistant Coach

Britt McGinn

2031 Green Assistant Coach

Madi Griffin

2031 White Head Coach

Will Gunther

2031 White Assistant Coach

Claire Payne

2031 White Assistant Coach

2032 Green & White Coaches

Jen O’Brien

2032 Green Head Coach

Steve O’Brien

2032 Green Assistant Coach

Ella Dyer

2032 Green Assistant Coach

Megan Walter

2032 White Head Coach

Wendy Lee

2032 White Assistant Coach

2033 Green & White Coaches

Brian Kruger

2033 Green Head Coach

Dani Moran

2033 Green Assistant Coach

Meg Beno

2033 Green Assistant Coach

Sarah McWilliams

2033 Green Assistant Coach

Libby Barritt

2033 White Head Coach

Jill Harrison

2033 White Assistant Coach

Nicole Graham

2033 White Assistant Coach

Erin Cooke

2033 White Assistant Coach

Courtney Baehr

2033 White Assistant Coach

Development Program

Sarah McWilliams

Developmental program director

Hunter Lochte

Development Program Coach

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